Pecha Kucha Night is an intimate gathering that offers everybody the chance to present fresh and creative work, ideas or concepts. This can be a newly finished building, a new piece of furniture, an ad campaign, a fashion line, a new event or any idea the world needs to know about. The Pecha Kucha Night was conceived in Tokyo in 2003 by Klein Dytham architecture as an evening for their club SuperDeluxe. Three years later HUNK-design and Studio Popcorn introduced the first Pecha Kucha Night Rotterdam to the Netherlands. In the meantime this potent crossbreed between an elevator pitch and a slide show has spread to several cities around the country.

At a Pecha Kucha Night about a dozen participants all present 20 slides for twenty seconds each. No more boring lectures, painful seminars or tiring presentations. Pecha Kucha Night offers the audience the experience of a dazzling range of speakers and images in the course of one evening. Pecha Kucha Night Nederland invites everybody to join, either by visiting one of our upcoming events or by sending in work for presentation.

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